About Us

Weekend Learning Publishers is one of the major providers of Islamic books in the world. The books are based on Sunni Islam. From the time of our first publication in 2007, our books have been adopted by more than 2,000 schools all over the world. With nearly a million copies sold all over the world, our books are clearly most sought after Islamic Studies series today.

A Distinctive Set Of Islamic Studies Books

All books published by Weekend Learning Publishers focus on establishing a connection between deen and dunya, with teachings drawn from the Qur’an and Sunnah. The Islamic Studies series is no exception. Providing a clear understanding of the teachings of the Creator and His Messenger is the cornerstone of all Islamic Studies books. This series of textbooks aims to create a society well-grounded in the spiritual and ethical call of Islam.

What Is Needed In An Islamic Studies Book?

A good textbook would fail to deliver without a curriculum to back up the book. Similarly, a good curriculum would be useless without textbooks or lessons to accompany the curriculum. We do not want your Islamic Studies program to suffer for the lack of a meaningful curriculum. A curriculum is like radar or a compass; without radar or a compass, the ship sails aimlessly.

Authentic Presentation

All topics are based on general Sunni principles and interpretations. The lessons are true to the teachings of Islam. If a fact cannot be verified by the Qur’ān or Sunnah, it has been excluded. The teachings of many historical incidents involving nabis and rasūls are carefully presented by eliminating biblical bias and remaining true to the Qur’ān. Students will gain an enlightened and proper understanding of what the messengers did and did not do. All lessons in the Weekend Learning series were reviewed and approved by in-house and national and international authorities.