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Ready to Write Alif Ba Ta

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Ready to Write Alif Ba Ta is a colorful workbook is designed to introduce Arabic alphabet to kindergarten students. Simple, easy-to-follow dotted fonts are used. The arrow indicators will help students know where to begin writing and where to end. At this tender age, your child is most likely learning English alphabet as well. Learning two separate sets of alphabets can be challenging. Therefore, please use this workbook in a manner that best suits the learning needs of your child. In order to keep the learning process simple and effective, the beginning, middle and end shapes of the letters or the vowel marks are not covered in this workbook.

Children at this level of learning are not expected to read Arabic words. But they can always learn a few Arabic words associated with the letters. Please read the words and repeat with them. English pronunciation of the words is provided to enhance learning.

All these exercises will prepare your child for the grades ahead. 

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