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Arabic Writing Workbook

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This best selling Arabic Writing Workbook is designed to teach students the essentials of Arabic handwriting. Adopted by a large number of schools all over the world, the workbook teaches students everything needed to write Qur'anic Arabic in a satisfying, rewarding manner. Starting from basic alphabets, the workbook introduces the beginning, middle and end shapes of each letter and how they join in a two-, three- or four-letter words commonly usued in Arabic language. 

This best selling ideal workbook is designed to teach students the essentials of Arabic handwriting

This workbook is designed to help students of any age group learn the basic Arabic writing skills. It provides instruction to recognize and write legible Arabic letters and simple words. Pages include the proper starting point for each letter stroke. The workbook has plenty of pages for year-long writing and learning.

Skills include:

  • Learn basic motor skills 
  • Letter recognition
  • Letter writing
  • Following direction
  • Eye-hand coordination
  • Beginning, middle and end letter recognition
  • Writing beginning, middle and end letters 
  • Recognizing vowel marks
  • Using the vowel marks in simple words

The workbook is designed to review, reinforce and accelerate Arabic writing skills—regardless of the age of the students.

Pages: 128
Binding: Paperback

ISBN : 978-1-936569-14-4

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